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The best just got better.  The MS-1 is pretty close to perfect, but the MS-1 Pro just might be.  We took our flagship rope, our own experiences, and feedback from you guys, and here's what we found:

1.)  The "eyelet", especially in more humid climates, can become corroded and cease to move freely without occasional maintenance.  And uh, who has time to maintain a jump rope?

2.)  The ends of the cable can slide through the "eyelet".  This isn't a problem so much during a workout, but it could be if competeing. 

Here's what we fixed:

1.) Stainless Steel.  The MS-1 Pro end is made of high quality stainless steel.  It won't corrode, or freeze up.

2.) The new end, similar to our MS-2 end, also allows the cable to move freely in every direction, the old "eyelet" style does not.

3.) In the MS-1 Pro the ends are fixed to the handle so there's no cable to slide through. Your cable is always exactly where it needs to be.


This is the smoothest rope out there bar none.  Get one.


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