We ship domestically via USPS at a flat rate of $4.25USD.  Buy one rope, or buy twenty for your gym, a baby gorilla and a sandwich, it'll still cost $3.50.  We will also ship internationally for $23.50. This is shipping for one item only.  If you would like to have several items shipped internationally, please contact us for a quote and we'll figure out a price for you.  If the shipping charges to your country are less than $23.50, we'll refund you the difference in'll only pay what it costs us to ship.  We can ship to some countries for as little as $15.00.  In addition, if you would like your rope shipped overnight domestically, select the "Per Item" shipping rate during checkout and we'll overnight your rope to you.



Cables will fray over time, there's no getting around it. Everything else on the MS1 is nearly bombproof. Barring some sort of heinous abuse with a hammer you won't break it. In the unlikely event that you do, send it back, and we'll repair or replace it free of charge.