MS-2 Speed Rope
MS-2 Speed Rope MS-2 Speed Rope

MS-2 Speed Rope

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The MS-2 is finally here!  After much testing and tweaking, we're finally releasing the most advanced rope on the planet!  Here's why it's different than anything you have ever used:   The end of this bad boy is a stainless steel / aluminum 360 degree swivel bearing designed by us.  This swivel bearing allows for 360 degree movement in EVERY direction, nearly eliminating friction all together.  The handle still contains two self lubricating bearings, but the new swivel end allows you to determine the length of cable you'd like, set it, and forget it.  The cable can't slide through the rod end like it can on the MS-1, which allows you to simply pick up your handles and fiddling to get the handle to the end of the cable to start your dubs.  We also added a flair to the bottom of the handle for an improved grip...This thing can't be beat.  Same awesome warranty, same awesome brand.  Get one! 

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